Putting together the dish requires a large-scale production that takes days. Brittany Wright


Interesting read, Angela. "Black cod" is probably sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) in the grand tradition of market names and common names having little or no basis in actual taxonomy ( http://www.ediblecommunities.com/santaba… ), but appears to be a pretty good choice in terms of both sustainability and nutrition.



Black cod is my favorite fish to eat grilled and might take it even over King Salmon. Very oily and tasty. You don't have to get fancy in the prep. If you want, just pour on soy sauce, then put it under the broiler until the skin gets a bit black. Better if you have a drip pan that's hot so you get that smoky oil flavor.

It's hard to find in most grocery stores. Whole Foods sells it for about $20/lb for fillet, Uwajimaya about $13-15 for steaks; which grill nicer, I think, since you get that bit of skin. Probably available at any large Asian grocer, often frozen. But it freezes well because it's fatty, I think.

I haven't seen collars for sale, but probably could ask around. Salmon collars and tuna collars are nice grilled too.

Fish under a certain size are hard to find in most groceries, I think in part because Americans are used to grilling large slabs of fish meat and black cod don't get too big.
Uwajimaya sells collars in the refrigerator across from the fish counter. Might be $10 a pound, though, and I am not sure if I have seen black cod.
@1: "might be" sablefish? us black cod eaters know that and DGAF. good is good.
Great article featuring HANDS DOWN the greatest person in Seattle, Jean-san! Maneki is a jewel and this black cod kama might be the best thing you can eat in our fair city for under $10...this is a dish I truly crave. And I satisfy that craving often.
My favorite dish at my favorite restaurant!

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