"Hi, my name is Angela Stowell...My husband and I own nine local Seattle restaurants; they're small, neighborhood restaurants...And I'm not going to sit here and tell you that we're going to go out of business. We'll have to make cuts. The budget—we've run our numbers, and we would be in a negative budget. But we'll figure out how to make that work...And for us, that means that new jobs are on hold."
--March, 2014

Oh, gosh, I'm so glad the Stowells figured out a way to make the new minimum wage policies work for them. I was really worried.
You guys win.
Oops, link failure on my part @1. Here's the full Angela Stowell quote from March 2014.
Loving the new Bait Shop.

Good thing we passed $15 in 2015, Seattle small businesses are growing fast and furious...
That was the first thing I thought. We should start a Kickstarter to help them out, since the new restaurant will never survive.
Stop printing this socialist shit. His Royal Rotund Highness, Tom of Douglas, has ordained that the $15 wage is godless, evil blasphemy, and will kill all restaurants dead in their tracks.

He still has two walls left in his palace without mirrors upon which he can admire his personal eminence. Maybe Dale Chiluly can get his lawyers to pitch in.

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