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Whatever Happened to "Choice of Soup, Salad, Rice, or Potato"?

The old-fashioned American square meal isn’t dead (yet). Brittany Wright


THANK YOU. It's millennial bullshit that you have to pay upwards of $20 for an entree and then $6 more for a cup of freaking soup.

What I miss the most is the bread and butter basket, especially at Italian places. Every single Italian restaurant in RI gave you free bread and butter, but here if they give you anything, it's olive oil and balsamic. Why would anyone want to dip their bread in oil over butter? It makes no sense to me. And where's the French dressing option? That was everyone's favorite and now it seems to be completely obsolete. And why is iceberg lettuce fancy enough in wedge form covered in disgusting blue cheese to appear on every schmancy gastropub, but you can't get a side salad with it? This is why I mostly just go to Charlies.
Olive oil is great with bread, eat it while you can, 'cause olives will go the way of almonds soon, with every year breaking the all time heat record set by the previous year courtesy of global warming and all the joys of climageddon.
So the great American restaurants of yesteryear don't have anything without meat?
@1, Vince's Italian Restaurant in Burien gives you bread and butter w/ your meal. They may be the only or one of the few that still does it.
4 does a good job too!
no. don't come to the broiler. stay away. it's horrible. you won't like it.
Wedgewood Broiler and.......Mitzels in Kent? Mitzels. In Kent. Really?
It's been replaced with the Applebee's/Olive Garden/Olde Country Buffet all-you-can-eat soup and salad and rice and baked potato and pasta and bread and three-entrees-of-your-choice glutton-fest.
Now that's what I call a good supper! This yummy mummy says YES!!!
Just because they serve oil doesn't mean you can't ask for (and get, usually with a smile) butter. Just let your waitron know what you want. Most actually enjoy having you enjoy yourself.
That looks so good! If you find yourself out in Clallam County, you'll have to visit Traylor's on 101 in Port Angeles. It's one of those places that if I could hug it, I would, because it reminds me of my childhood and going to restaurants with my mother.
So...uh... Mitzles? Mitzles is a cleaner Dennys.

Square Knot, maybe?
Wedgwood Broiler is the fucking SHIT!!! I eat there just once or twice a month and it reminds me of the restaurants I grew up on when the parents had family over and we wanted to go someplace “nice”.

I only eat there occasionally since the food is horrid for your health but if you’re a certain age who just barely remembers the 1970’s this place is amazing!
Wedgwood Broiler is indeed wonderful. You see hairdos there that are truly inspiring.

13 Coins is in the same vein, but a bit pricey.
@12 I guess we agree on something.

But it's hard not to agree on a place that serves hands down the worlds most generous Campari Soda ($4.50 for a third of the bottle in a glass! Do they know that shit costs money?).

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