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Four Places Where the Underappreciated Salad Is Far from Bland

Slim’s Wedge is especially tasty when eaten out on the patio. Kelly O


Pacific Grill down here in Tacoma has a fantastic wedge (that used to be half-price on their all the time happy hour menu in the bar but, alas, is now only a full-price thing). Really turned me around on what I had previously thought was a real garbage salad.
Sounds good. I want one now. Just a big, crispy blue cheese delivery system.

Any recommendations for a wedge salad on First Hill?
Thanks for making the argument in favor of packaging over taste. "Why request something that tastes good when you can have something crunchy?"
Iceberg lettuce is fine, but a wedge salad? That's just cheap. Any self respecting establishment would go through the time and effort to properly cut and separate their iceberg lettuce, including removing the bitter part that every wedge salad keeps.
"Iceberg lettuce is the polyester of the vegetable kingdom"…John Waters
When I get the Prime Rib special at Black Angus (Fed Way) always get the Wedge starter.
@2, 3, 4

Your experiences may be correct, but not entirely accurate.

In the same way it is impossible to enjoy a tomato from a supermarket without shopping for the more expensive "hothouse" varieties, and even then be disappointed, standard iceberg lettuce at a regular supermarket is like eating a roll of paper towels.

However, if you so happen to attend a farmer's market (and here I recommend Carpinito Brothers stand in Kent) you will find crisp, tasty icebergs as fine as any red leaf variety.
#7, the core is still bitter. The wedge needs part of the core to maintain integrity. Without it, the wedge would fall apart and not be a wedge.

When you eat a peach, do you swallow the pit?

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