I thought the new min wage law is killing new business, restaurants in particular? No wait - that was the no-smoking law. I mean... HELP ME OUT HERE WINGNUTS!
Sigh, looks like the only businesses that have any chance of making it are restaurants, sport bars and maybe hospitality. I miss the book stores everywhere, the antique shops in Greenwood and Fremont, the little quirky gift shops in Wallingford and Ballard. Can't have a lazy Sunday browsing RESTAURANTS AND BARS! Thanks a lot for turning our city into soulless beige DULLSVILLE, Bezos! What makes us different from the dreaded burbs now? Our bloody brain cells are killing themselves to escape the boredom.
Angie's (former) now salted sea is in Columbia City not Madrona.

Bah, you newcomers are insufferable.

What I miss are the hackney stables, the shoeshine stands, the clinking milk trucks, the dance halls, the shouting newsboys, the movie palaces, and of course the melodious ringing of the blacksmith's hammer!
@3, changing. Thanks for catching!

Feh, you and your Gilded Age froo-farrah! I'll take a nice, dry cave and a roaring fire for cooking my spear-killed game and for drying my rain-besotted animal pelt garments over your effete, new-fangled luxuries any day!
Can we stop listening to Stowell, Douglas and Meinert on labor policy issues now? Shut up and make me a cheeseburger, you're doing just fine.
"Parmamount Theatre"
@6 Fire?!? Well la-de-da Mr one-percenter!
more LIES for LIBERAL thestranger.

No one is opening restaurants because the minimum wage is so high. All new restaurants are in Kittitas County, and the PARKING IS FREE and there are NO PANDHANDLERS. I know where I'm taking my family #thanksnothanksseattle
Wow, so many vampires reading and posting on Slog, who knew? Um, I thought you undead people couldn't leave your coffins until twilight or you'd turn to dust or melt or something. Are you zombies then? Father Time? Dorian Gray?
Be honest now, don't you miss the book stores? the kite shop? the local hand made furniture shops and the funky weird stores in the lowest level of Pike Place Market where you could find all sorts of unique mysterious things?
Where is Kittitas? Why on earth are you reading the bitter jaded sinful Stranger when you're living in your special town where there's no poor people?
Cafe Bengodi just opened on top of Beacon Hill. Pretty solid neighborhood pasta joint.
You forgot to mention Shiro Kashiba opening his newest place in the old Restaurant Marche/Campagne spot in the Pike Place Market.

Moroccan tapas, sushi, pizza, how redundant. When are we going to get a Montreal smoked meat deli????

Perhaps the legion of the undead have taken a few minutes to think about how we might be able to enjoy a stroll through the city without stopping every 50 feet to paw through a shelf full of discarded consumer goods?

If nothing comes to mind immediately, give it a few more minutes. Not everyone has to die and rise from the grave to figure it out.
For every one of these that opens another closes. The door just keeps revolving.
@2 What makes us different from the suburbs? All these non-corporate chain restaurants! We never had "book stores everywhere". We still have some, and we still have antique shops too. But when was the last time you bought an antique? You can't keep these places in business by browsing.
For restaurants or any employer, the $15 minimum wage hasn't kicked in yet. It's $11 an hour. An employer can pay you the minimum, which is $10 an hour as of 4/1/15, if you get tips that make up the extra dollar. If you are a dishwasher, and don't get tips, you have to be paid $11. Tips can make up for the minimum compensation until 2021.
Here's some clear info on how it works:…

I own Cafe Racer and have decided to pay my people the minimum now. I don't take from their tips to make up the difference.

As far as this article and the opening of restaurants, I would like to see a list of the ones that close to see if there is a balance. I know I've been able to keep mine open way longer than many of the "hot" places have. Sustainability... That's what matters.
With all the new kitchen-less apartments and condos being built, there should be growth in the number of restaurants--not just turnover.

For those of you think $15 pre hour doesn't hurt small businesses today, try to get financing on a business plan that shows declining profitability.

Between the anti-capitalist protesters and gauntlet of bureaucrats waiting to blindside entrepreneurs with new fines and penalties, I am surprised anyone wants to start a business in Soviet Seattle.

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