Ileen's? Surely you mean Ernie Steele's!
While I'm being old: Kurt Timmermeister, newly of Kurt's Farm Shop and formerly of Septième, recently mentioned to a mutual friend that his new place marks the second time he's been accused of gentrifying Capitol Hill--since the Broadway Septième replaced the charmingly grotty diner Andy's. One person's old Seattle is someone else's new Seattle.
RGB in the market has slushy machines and ice cream, too...
damn, charlie's is closing?! That place was always terrible, but in a good way.
What about Macheezmo Mouse? Or Hamburger Mary's? Or Baffert's Broadway Grill (predecessor to The Broadway Grill), or even Jack-In-The-Box? I mean, if we're going to mourn long-defunct Broadway eateries, let's be inclusive, right?

And I believe Charlie's has been around almost 40 years, not 30, as is stated in the original post.
@3, @5: Fixed. Thanks.
@5, next Slog Happy at Boondocks Sundeckers & Greenthumbs! (Funny, thinking of that place reminded me the son of Boondocks' owner just used daddy's money to open Sam's Tavern at 11th & Pike.)
Charlie's closing hits me hard. It's one of the very few times that I wish I could buy it and put good people in charge who could run it forever.
Charlie's age is still incorrect in this post. Should be 39 years -- opened in 1976. @5, we definitely didn't screw that up. That's a Stranger flub but, sadly, not worthy of the regrets issue.
Yay! I love the new Vibrant Urban Lifestyle!

I love ten dollar watery cocktails and $2000 per month apartment rent... because Seattle is now a World Class City!

Seattle's 'No-Developer-Left-Behind' program is going swimmingly.

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