Sorry, but I like my tropical cocktails with a little tiki decor. Unfortunately, that's pretty scarce these days. The old town hasn't been the same since Trader Vic's went away (the original Trader Vic's in the Westin, not the short-lived, constipated Bellevue version) .

If that stupid monorail hadn't gotten in the way, the old Ballard Denny's would have made an amazing Tiki bar.
For me, I like my tiki-kitsch as over the the top as possible. I love tiki drinks, but tiki ambiance is completely transportive for me and i think the ambiguity of it is just enhances its affect. Frankie's Tiki Room in Las Vegas is like entering a totally different dimension all contained in a nondescript little cinderblock box in a dusty parking lot.
I swore when they build that fugly building that I'd never set foot in it; a tiki drink just isn't enough to get me change my mind
(High-fives Super Steve)
I remember aving a birthday party at the Trader Vic's in San Francisco in the 70's

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