And I dont regret it one bit.
And I don't regret it one bit. Buster Kinkon

If you occasionally suffer from a bit of the Irish flu, or if you're one of those "preferred employees" who have a few extra dollars lying around your giant apartment because your landlord waved your deposit fee, then I have a drink for you. The cold brew+coconut water at Little Oddfellows tastes excellent and has enough hydration power to refill your lacrimal glands after a good, long desk-cry.

I forked over six dollars and change for the elixir because I was enduring a heavy dose of divine punishment this morning, and just the idea of coconut water and iced coffee started to make me feel a little better. When finally the knowledgable and accommodating baristas (one of them helped me scout a location for the photo) handed me an icy cup brimming with the brew, I fell in love almost instantly. After the first few sips, it just tasted like cold press with a little extra syrupy sweetness. But toward the middle, the citrus from the lime slice bridged the cold brew's bittersweetness with the coconut water's tropical funk, and I felt 9x more alive.

Aside from a lot of water and exercise before a lot of sleep, I've never had the same hangover cure work twice. In this way, for me, every hangover is a journey to discover the cure for hangovers. But I'm confident that this magical mix might do the trick every time.