Food & Drink Sep 23, 2015 at 4:00 am

We Should Eat Meat for Its Taste, Not to Feel Full

Hitchcock Deli: All of their meats are exquisite. Charles Mudede


You forgot to mention Le Pichet and Salumi, both of which should be declared official Churches of Charcuterie.
If only the working class people eating cheap throwaway cuts of meat piled on tortillas or crunching the bones of platters of chicken knew what they were doing to the environment, I'm sure they'd start eating charcuterie from Cure and shopping at DeLaurenti.
...or you could choose not to eat flesh and secretions. That's always an option.
After working framing houses all day, Raymundo takes his family to Plum Bistro for a comforting dinner of poached sunflower petals.
@4 and spends more on that meal than he made framing those houses. Clever little heartstring tug but it only highlights the insane fact that eating in an environmentally sustainable way has somehow become an economic luxury.

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