Chef Brian Clevenger at Vendemmia. Kelly O


I'm glad Bill's is "back", but it's really not back. Different vibe, different crowd, different restrooms...just so different. The Greenwood Bill's now feels more like Bill's than Bill's does.
Of these 20 places 10 will be gone by Christmas so get in their and enjoy! It's going out of business time for some of them real soon!!!
@1 - Agreed. Food is still solid, drinks reasonable and the staff nice, though. I miss the old local drunks, though.
Only one restaurant north of the ship canal?
@2 yeah, no.
It must be nice to go out to eat.
Let see, 20 new places combined with wage stagnation and over inflated rents. i'll give it til June of next year for roughly 8 of the establishments to be Salvation Army outlets.

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