Annnnd...that'll be $5 for ingredients and labor, plus a pretentiousness surcharge of $40.
Matsutakes can run $50 a pound in Seattle, more for the higher A grade. In Japan they can be over $100/lb, which is why most of them are exported.
@1 Agreed, another step in the wrong direction. Take me back to the days when a casserole could just be a casserole, and the waitress knew what a loose meat sandwich was! And serving food you picked up off the ground in a public park? Talk about eww, this is what the supermarket is for!
A loose meat sandwich sounds like something I'd order at a strip club.
@3 take your peanut butter to the suburbs, mom. I don't frequent restaurants that serve expensive dishes like this either, but this is not a step in the wrong direction. The variety of interesting flavors around us is amazing, and this dish is making use of them in an interesting way.

Also: vegetables from the ground...?! Um, yep.
In 15 plus years of reading The Stranger, this piece is unique. I can't ever remember anything on how to create a dish... or anything like it.

In the absence of actual journalism, I was entertained by what is essentially a puff piece... which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

To paraphrase Bill Murray in 'Groundhog Day: '

Different is good.

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