And I can't be there! SHIT!

Sorry to see the Bauhaus go. They had excellent coffee and the original place was a great place to hangout.
What?! I *just* got coffee there Monday morning.. there was no hint of Bauhaus' closure then. Fuuuuck.

Fuck you "Changing Seattle", for taking away the good things we had, and delivering only shitty traffic and high-priced 'boutique' storefronts. Oh yeah, high rent too. Fuck you.
Charlie's ftw!
Spent a solid chunk of my late teens smoking cigarettes and drinking refill after refill upstairs at the original spot. Visiting Seattle as an adult I'd stop in and sit in one of the stools downstairs with a view of the space needle. Grace, Andy, Chris, Jason (now Jake Shears, so proud how hard that kid is killing it), thanks for all the good times.
Sad news about Bauhaus.

The original location had that certain something special. The current location doesn't have it.

It will be sorely missed.
Kent is full of parks which were designed by Bauhaus artists (Earthworks, for example).

Not too sure about Seattle. It seems like it was Post-Modern even before there was Modern.
What's with Seattle and sudden closures? Not even two weeks notice, just: "we're done. Goodbye."

I swear, we keep finding old haunts with "yesterday was our last day. Thanks for your patronage. Sorry we didn't tell you sooner."
Good! The owner Joel Radin, was a lying theif that owes almost all of Seattle money. Let his employess go without notice and 3 weeks before christmas. A PLUS GUY
Is it going to be Charlie's or "Charlies"? Like what ever the fuck happened to the Canterbury.
RIP Bauhaus *pours out a tall Americano and a Ding Dong*
I felt the same way when Frederick & Nelson closed, and then they stopped serving lunch at The Georgian. I thought I'd never find a place to have a civilized luncheon again.
Turns out all of the Bauhaus locations are closed/closing. Green Lake is gone, and Ballard is closing after Sunday.…

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