Food & Drink Jan 13, 2016 at 4:00 am

And It's Got Much More Than Sushi

Issian: The restaurant specializes in ishiyaki, food cooked over a traditional hot stone grill. Kelly O


I live in Wallingford. All I want is a fucking sandwich.
Ramen Man is legit, IMHO. Love the broth, and the egg-style noodles are my favorite ramen noodles in town. I've tried a half-dozen of the well-known Ramen joints and this is the best.
What a helpful article! Living in Wallingford, my go-tos are mkt. Kisaku, Tigerly Ox (carry out) and -- if you count this as Wallingford -- Joule. So last night the BF and I went to Miyabe 45th for the first time and were absolutely delighted. We may never brave the lines at Musashi's but we'll go back to Miyabe for sure. Thanks!

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