Food & Drink Feb 17, 2016 at 4:00 am

Fried Chicken, Collards, and Good Vibes, Too

The Fat’s Crew: Erika White, Cory Alfano, Marcus Lalario, and chef Patrick Dours. Kelly O


Finally, an actual restaurant review of a venue so deserving –– thanks to Angela Garbes. (Nicely prepared.)
Great joint, really good food and genuinely friendly service. Need to get back over there for brunch.
Thank you master for bringing us black folks some fried chicken and minimum wage service jobs, how would we ever have experience these blessings of soul food without you doing soooooo right!
$14 for a fried chicken sandwich before tip was not worth it on my trip down. Y'all save your money for Catfish Corner.
Or ezelles

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