Food & Drink Mar 16, 2016 at 4:00 am

Maybe Some History and Geography Lessons, Too

Olympic Express: The menu has teriyaki, pad thai, phố, Thai curry, and Chinese-style stir-fries. But look more closely, and you’ll also find Malaysian lamb curry, samusas, a gyro sandwich, and, improbably, gyro fried rice. Meagan Hall


Damn. Well, then. SOLD!
Am I the only one who remembers Goldy already writing this very article before you fired him or was that only over on horsesass that he described the food of the Othello station?
Oh shit, my dude Suaidy Les! FQ baby!
About a 15 minute walk north of Othello is the Q bakery -- their banh mi are inexpensive, I think stilll around $3-4, and the bread is made in house every day. Pretty much the best Vietnamese bread in the city, they also sell baguettes and sandwich-sized bread. I'm more of a fan of the bread than the sandwiches but can't resist getting both whenever I'm in the area.

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