Food & Drink Mar 23, 2016 at 4:00 am

The Places I Tried Were Heyday, Two Doors Down, CaliBurger, Seven Beef, Bateau, and Bramling Cross

CaliBurger (left) and Bramling Cross (right). (left) Michelle Conner / (right) Jennifer Richard


Semolina is generally made from wheat it is not in general made from cornmeal.
Mayonnaise on a burger?
pls go
Despite it's unfortunate name ("Cali" plus camel case—double oof!), the CaliBurger looks freakin' great. A great burger walks a very fine line. So many try too hard, tipping the burger from it's backyard or cast iron roots into some gross, inedible rich meatloaf sandwich.
@1 - a bun that contains cornmeal can be primarily made of semolina. The two aren't mutually exclusive.
@1 Of course, if the bun is made with semolina MEAL (instead of semolina flour) it would be super easy to confuse the texture of that for corn meal. :) I withdraw my comment.

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