Dino’s Tomato Pie: Tangy tomato sauce, dreamy cheese, and a floppy, foldable crust. Jennifer Richard


I wish I had read this before I wasted my time and money at Meltdown yesterday.
Bad reviewing. You taste 1 pie or slice on one night does not a review make. Multiple pie or slices on multiple nights will give you, or anyone. A more balanced look at the places you visited.

That's Food Critiquing 101. Your reviewing is at the 01 level.
The cheese is the worst part of Dino's pies. No pizza should have sharp cheese. They receive pretty high marks except they need to stay away from the aged cheese/cheddar crap. Mozz, fresh or smoked, only. The fact that the cheese tasted like Papa Murphy's blend bothered my brain.

88 is delicious, it's just not for "regular pizza" people. If regular is what you want, Mama's is probably still your best bet.

I am glad that our neighborhood pizza shortage (caused by the temporary closure of Bill's and the permanent loss of Piecora's) is over. I was getting far too accustomed to Pagliacci.

Of those reviewed, I've only gotten pizza from Sizzle so far. Their pizzas don't look that great (I was seriously concerned when I went to pick up my first pizza, seeing all the wan-looking pies sitting out for slices), but they taste good and the crust is *amazing*.
Sizzle Pie tastes like microwaved totino's. Money blown on marketing and design, nothing on any pizza resembling quality. Look of their pizzas frequently look like old scabs.
I have not been a Cap Hill Pizza Regular since Piecora. I don't think anything described herein will make me miss it any less.

@2 No, food is not ever reviewed in such a manner. The idea is that a reviewer is getting the same experience as any anonymous customer could expect at any given time. If a reviewer is treated poorly by staff and gets shit food, the typical customer can expect the same. That is rather the point. Otherwise you are portraying places in an unrealistically light.
This article can't be true; Dori Monson said the minimum wage drove all pizza places out of Seattle!
@2 is there any subject ever you're not completely wrong about?
I didn't even read this article because I was put off by the burnt crust in the picture. Unfortunately, have not found good pizza in Seattle. Brooklyn Bros. pizzeria in Everett might come close to most authentic New York Style. Big Mario's would be close if they would put more cheese on their cheese slice.
What a terrible review. Pretentious, condescending, and alienating of anything but his own slice of pizza and dining preferences. Not approached "in fairness" at all. Not everyone is looking for cheddary burnt pizza available only after getting past the hostess troll guarding the door. Amantes across the street is 10 times better, even post remodel. However, Dino's square/mozz pizza, if asked to be taken out a minute early, is actually pretty good. Reviewer: you're trying too hard and your insecurity and inexperience is showing.
@8, Nope! You can't judge a place that offers multiple selections by having one thing on one night. Then try and turn that into a "review".

@6, I respectfully disagree.
9/ALady: Unfortunately, have not found good pizza in Seattle.

What you mean is: "I haven't found pizza that I like in Seattle." While there is some objectivity when it comes to food (e.g. I think 100% of people would agree that a pizza is "bad" if the entire thing is burnt to a crisp) most of it is subjective. It is, of course, very common for people to express subjective opinions in objective terms.

Brooklyn Bros. pizzeria in Everett might come close to most authentic New York Style.

I presume you're from New York, or at least lived there for a while? What are some of your favorite pizza places there? Given the standard you likely have, I'm sure you'd hate this pizza but when I was there two years ago, I discovered two local operations -- 99¢ Fresh and 2 Bros - that sell cheese slices for a buck (or 99 cents), and you can get two slices plus a soda or water for $2.75. My favorite pizza? Hardly. But I like the slices and you can't beat the deal.

NYT/2010: Where a Meal Can Cost a Fortune, 99¢ Piz…

My favorite place in Seattle was the former (closed in Oct 2010) Madame K’s in Ballard. I loved the pizza and the atmosphere (one writer called it a "magical quirky space".)
When did we start calling them "pies"? Was it when we all moved here from New York?

@2/11, I have never read (or heard of) a restaurant review where the critic went back several times and ordered a different thing each time, then wrote a review of, I guess, the whole menu. Not that I'm a maven of such things, but.
The only really memorable pizza I've ever had in Seattle was at Fondi, north of the U Village on 25th. They made their own fresh mozzarella in the kitchen each morning, and you could taste the difference. (I'm guessing it probably wasn't real buffalo-milk mozzarella, but even so, it was much tastier than the mozzarella I've had at other Seattle pizzerias.) The Seattle location closed -- the space is now occupied by Mamma Melina -- but they still have one in Gig Harbor. It wouldn't be worth a special trip, for me, but it would definitely be worth a small detour.
15: When did we start calling them "pies"? Was it when we all moved here from New York?

Nice one. You also brought back a good memory. I went to the U of Oregon for a year quite some time ago and lived in a dorm. My roommate was from New Jersey (we still keep in touch; I've visited him and his wife on my trips to New York last spring and this spring) and one of the two guys in the room next to us was from Queens. Both called pizzas "pies." It was the first time I'd ever heard that term for pizzas.

I personally felt that this review was quite intense in regards to Meltdown Pizza Co. This article of course is one mans personal opinion of what he finds to be good food, but everyone's taste palate varies. I have had Meltdown Pizza several times and while their venue might be sterile and somewhat uninviting to some, I actually really enjoy their pizza as well as their staff who are quite friendly, but that too is my own personal opinion just like writer of this article. Everyone should decide what they like for themselves and not let biased articles deter them from trying new things. I almost wonder if the review on this particular spot was personal with it's intensity, as it was the only one that got butchered, but what do I know.
BTW I thought Rich's review made all of these pizzas --- excuse me, pies--- sound really unappetizing.

@17 - I grew up in Seattle and never heard "pie" used for pizza until going to school on the east coast.
@19 agreed!

What a great way to support local businesses on the hill Rich, turn people away.
@10 you're surprisingly pretentious and condescending for someone who critiques the review for being too pretentious and condescending.
How is it possible to write a review of Dino's Tomato Pie without once mentioning that they purposely burn every pizza they serve? No, I don't men accidentally burn, they do it on purpose! That glaring omission calls into question the validity of the entire article.

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