CSB: I once went to a so-called "cafe" on the Santa Monica pier in California. The name of the place was, I think, just called "Cafe." Real original. Anyway, I wanted some coffee because I was feeling sleepy, so I figured that'd be the best place to get some. I go in and ask for a coffee and the server/waitress/whatever says "we don't have any coffee here." I was feeling kinda grouchy and said, "how can a place named "cafe" not serve coffee? Cafe literally translates to "coffeehouse." Coffee should technically be the very first item on your menu." She gave me a disinterested look and asked if I wanted an iced tea. I said no and left.
There have been thousands of co-op bars. I guess maybe it's the first "hip" co-op bar.
"Thousands of co-op bars"?
Any in Seattle?
If such a great idea, why everyone seems to be surprised?

I wish staff well.
We'll come back each year to follow up.
Flying Bike in Greenwood is a co-op brewery serving delicious beer.
Uh, I thought Zoo Tavern in Eastlake was a co-op? I mean, here it is, in the Stranger's own pages, described as such, waaaay back in 2006:

"The bartenders are of the ilk who, gratifyingly, remember you from bygone years or greet you as a friend anyway. Collectively, they own the place, co-op style, which staves off improvements and means, one hopes, that the Zoo is here to stay."…
Friedman was very anti-$15-MW, to the extent of writing lies about how he would have to go out of business. Didn't he claim that Stranger writers were betraying him or something like that?

Interesting that he's working with Central Coop, which pays more than MW to its workers.

C'mon, you can do the research. Off the top of my head, there's Casa Nueva in Athens, Ohio. Becoming a co-op bar is a good thing, but not the first of its kind. Ease up on the clickbait title.
Wonder why coops not more common?
Probably plot by the patriarchy?
Yeah, we're conveniently forgetting his anti-minimum-wage tantrum in The Stranger in 2014. Now he's a pioneer of some sort?

Guess that's the point of staff turnover.
I love Liberty, because you can go there to get an awesome craft cocktail at 11 in the morning. I love day drinking. Don't judge. ;)

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