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With Courageousness and Humility, Amanda Saab and Her Husband Are Changing the Conversation About Islam

Ramon Dompor


You know where woman are really oppressed? Most of the Middle East and huge swaths of Africa.

On and let me put this right here:…

Yay organized religion!
Nothing against Moslems per se.
I am suspicious of ALL religious people of EVERY sect or cult.
Excellent idea! Nothing better than breaking bread to nurture community.
The dumbest amongst us would accept Islam much more readily were it not for the mandated wrap-up-your-womens garb. Instead of a push to modernize the religion out of this there's this BS "empowerment" angle.

The rules were written by men who lived in the middle east a few centuries before the crusades - they were written exactly why common sense suggests they were written. There is only oppression of women in its history - get fucking rid of it. It's the stars and bars of Islam.
Will the negative opinion Muslims (and many non-Muslims) have about Isreal/Zionism stop if and Isreali Jewish couple invites people over for dinner? We are told Muslim grievances are based on wrongdoings and injustices whereas anti-Muslim sentiment is based of bigotry and racism. I have never met a Muslim who believed that the negative view others have of them has any merit and is based at all of legitimate grievances which needs to be rectified. OTOH these same people absolutely deny that the anti-Jewish sentiment and violence by Muslims is based of bigotry. Nor do they believe that Muslims can be racist despite Arab Muslims still owning black Africans to this very day. Can't see how anything good is going to happen as long as a religion that makes up 20% of the earth and commits an enormous amount of violence, intolerance, homophobia, slavery, anti-Semtism, and misogyny are in complete denial that they play a part in the problems, and it will take more action than them cooking dinner for non-Muslims to change these problems.
@5 breaking bread does nurture community. It doesn't do anything to stop the fascism that is modern day Islam. You could be breaking bread with some nice Germans in 1940 or some nice white folks in 1920 Mississippi and it would do jack shit about the serious acts of systemic violence and oppression some people of those backgrounds were committing.
I love how an animated Deja Vu ad shows up on the page of this article.

Everything is Feminism!
These Muslims are nuts.
@#8 My neighbors are Korean, Japanese and Moldovan.
@8 - after further analysis of your comment I have realized it makes no fucking sense.
I will be hosting a Mormon baking class in my home next month. Surely The Stranger will help me promote it to further the goal of neighborly understanding.
Why are so many bigots posting on Slog now? Is Komo, Seattle Times and the other comment cesspools unavailable?
Looking forward to Ms. Tomky's next article suggesting that Stranger readers can widen their worldview by dining out at chain restaurant with a young College Republican excited to vote for Trump.

Why the fuck do we pretend that there's something to learn from everyone/anyone?
Still...that food looks GOOOOD!
@14 and @15...or feed the trolls POISON.
@3 and @14 You know that you're horrible, right? I mean, that is your MO. So...people are just responding to that.
( God, rednecks are dumb.)
@19, you do know that you've essentially got shit for brains if you want to promote organized religion, right?

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