"However, to get to Temperance, one must shell out $10-20 for a self-guided historical tour of Smith Tower."

Idiotic. Seattle building owners can't seem to get out of their own way when opening bars with a view. Just charge more for drinks like every other similar place in the Western world and cut the bullshit.
If the Harvard Exit hadn't closed, I'll bet Marron could have stuck around a while longer. I haven't hade a recent to venture above the QFC on Broadway for two years.
Doesn't Boom Noodle have the same landlord as the also recently suddenly-closed Chop Shop?
Is the $10-20 a suggested donation or surge pricing?

Unlike other penthouse bars in the world, the Smith Tower doesn't have the elevator capacity to handle a flood of lookie-loos who aren't buying drinks.

And do let's remember that $10-$20 is the price of one drink in any of Seattle's street-level cocktail bars in the suspenders-and-bow-ties price range. The people who go in for that kind of thing aren't going to be put off by a small (to them) cover charge.

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