Food & Drink Aug 26, 2016 at 4:00 am

The New Thompson Hotel's Rooftop Bar Has an Amazing View and Good Cocktails, But at a Steep Price

ROOFTOP BARS ARE LIKE VEGAS POOLS: Expect to pay out. Courtesy of Nic Lehoux


the tech industry prides itself on shying away from flash

No it doesn't. You just don't recognize their flash. They dress like color-blind toddlers, sure, but look at the cars they drive and the houses they buy and their insufferable hoardes of consumer electronics and pop-culture memorabilia.

$15 specialty cocktails, $11–$18 glasses of wine, and $8 drafts (bar snacks like popcorn, olives, and charcuterie, $3–$18

There are at least a dozen restaurants within three blocks of The Stranger's offices that charge this much or more, none of which have spectacular rooftop views. But your reviewers would never dare to ask "when the cost is so high, when does a bar stop becoming worth it?" about these closer-to-home establishments, for fear of losing your ad dollars.
Wow you mean to tell me Seattleites are finally realizing Tacoma isn't the cesspool I've always heard them say it is?
Rooftop bars are nothing new in Seattle. Top of the Hilton, Visions, The Cloud Room, Top of the Town, The Mirabeau Room. All gone now, of course. More's the pity......

This place was so bad. They are trying to build an aura of exclusivity, but really they just make you wait for 45 minutes even though no one is up there. I don't mind the drink price, but I hate it when people waste my time. And once up there a server did not appear. At all. We were in the service section. I had to go order my drinks from the bar. A+ for location, B+ for drinks, D for service.
It's beginning to look a lot like 'Frisco- everywhere you go!
Take a look at the homeless camps, it's really smelling like dogs in the damp.
With Mercedes, Audis and Lexuses all a-glow.
It's beginning to look a lot like 'Frisco,
Used Needles in all street corners ,
But the prettiest sight to see is my $30 aperitif and barf on your over-priced front door!

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