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And Gets to the Bottom of Canon's Lavish Cocktails

Courtesy of Canon


Do they do a decent Pimm's Cup?
I've been there. The bartender sat us at a table shortly before a waitress came over to scold us for seating ourselves in the empty bar.

I dislike everything about this place.
>>Boudreau said, "no one crossed Madison."
By "no one," of course, he means "no rich white people," i.e. "no one who matters." What a prick.
I want my beverages served in a panda skull. Real, not a glass one.
Charles: the absence of any mention of their Campfire in Georgia tells me that you haven't tried it.

It's as gimmicky as anything they serve, and eighteen bucks last time I looked, but it plays a certain trick with one's sense memory recall that transcends its status as a mere cocktail. No kidding.
You're a pretty self-lacerating Marxist to go spend $18 on an ostentatious cocktail. I like that about you.
I had a fabulous time with Murray Stenson behind the bar at Canon years ago when he taught me all about Rye Whiskey - gave me lots of history and let me sample three, then made me a classic Old Fashion with the one I picked. I hope it hasn't changed TOO much since then....
Charles, this is one of your best articles in a while.
It beautifully highlights the demands that modernity, in societies like ours, puts on all kinds of segments of commerce to be always searching for the new thing in order to survive.

Also, how come no one has mentioned that Canon is the only place in Seattle that actually requires a pay up front minimum when making reservations?
That is why I stopped going there. And yes, it is mostly tourists who now go there.

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