Drinking Local Beer Is a Way to Stick It to Trump While Sticking Together


Great article. Thanks for highlighting local brews. I do fear, however, that there are quite a few folks who are Trump lovers in our city now. With great income comes heavy leaning toward Republican tax breaks. Be safe and don't get too shitfaced, or there could be some violence in these great pubs.
Lester Black, you are an awesome person. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
@1 how about 'just don't get too shitfaced' ? you're as likely to do something stupid or reckless and/or get mugged or beaten up outside the pub as inside it. iPhone thieves have no political party.
and do something positive for the little critters who have no vote.

It's kinda neat to see a Seattle beer article where all of the featured articles are south of the Ship Canal, despite that not being the theme of the article.
Featured *breweries*. Need edit button dammit...
Could not agree with this sentiment more. Beer brings people together, which we sorely need at the moment.

Two minor points that the beer dork in me cannot resist making: k├Âlsch is also a top-fermented beer conditioned by lagering at low temperatures. And cask ales are, in fact, carbonated; that carbonation just comes from a philanthropic microorganism (S. cerevisiae) and not a CO2 tank.

Apologies and now I'm going to go drink my pedantry away.
Could not agree more. Great local brews!
This is exactly the kind of feel-good, do-nothing hipster shit that got Trump elected: quarantining ourselves in a bubble with like-minded people drinking beer.

Drinking local beer does absolutely nothing to "stick it to Trump."

Wanna "stick it to Trump?" Then Do Something That MATTERS like volunteering some of your otherwise-wasted-beer-drinking-time to the ACLU, an Anti-Defamation League, an immigrants' rights group, or other organization that is actually going to fight to "stick it to Trump" instead of sitting around whining with your beer-buddies.