Food & Drink Dec 5, 2016 at 4:00 am

One of the Longest-Running Craft Cocktail Bars in the City Is Calling It Quits

Tini Bigs and owner Keith Robbins


If it were a new bar coming to Seattle, this article would be about how classist, misogynistic, and horribly unhealthy cigar bars are.
Today I learned that mixing vodka with any number of crappy DeKuiper liqueurs and maybe some cranberry juice is craft cocktails. Farewell to a place that I went once in about 1998 and never again.
I'm trying to remember what the space used to be. It wasn't the Romper Room, which I think was next door.
Romper Room was indeed next door. I can't remember what was in the Tini Biggs space previosuly--I seem to recall that being vacant for a while. Here's the history for that space as listed in a landmark nomination report filed a few years back:

100 Denny, the space at the corner of Denny Way and First Ave N, housed businesses including H.H. Stoms Chicken Pies (ca. 1942-1944), Hemphill Oil Co. (ca. 1951-1957), and H&R Block Tax Advisors (ca. 1965-1983). Since 1996, Tini Bigs Lounge has occupied the space.

And here's an old photo:…
Last week I saw a guy passed out in his own vomit, old Belltown style. But it was a Friday around last call, not 6pm on a Tuesday. And 2 people were checking on him, not walking over his body.
I will miss you Tini Bigs- thanks for all the good times, great people and fucking amazing martinis. Cheers to you!
We'll miss you Tini's. I was there when you opened and enjoyed many a Gibson with my Dunhills! But alas, Im out of this state too. I guess the nouveau riche techie hipsters will have to make their own now! Best wishes and thanks for the great times!
I went there once, like 20 years ago.
No sympathy. He owned the building and sold it. He IS the problem.
Thank you, Tobias, for your attention to this Seattle cocktail staple. It's nice to see a younger writer focused on more than just the next shiny new thing. Your class and integrity speak volumes here.
No he didn't own the building if he had you are right it would be on him and we would be off fishing somewhere! Maybe you should get your facts straight before you post. You are the problem with social media always focusing on the negative and spreading lies.
Clever Dunnes. The new Hulu Hulu...

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