One word: Diet Soda

Ok that's two words but whatever.
The Stranger is now slowly phazing out commenting? Is it going all facebook n' tweet? Of the few recent postings i was interested in commenting on there's no longer an option to do so. [instert editorial comic of The Stranger and The Seattle Times racing rocket sleds into the Duwamish]
Always grateful that my folks treated soda pop as a rare, special, instead-of-dessert treat growing up (and we were not a family that ate dessert every day). It meant I never looked at is as an option to quench my thirst. Today I probably drink one, 12-oz soda every two or three months and I choose the good stuff, Mexican Coke, artisan fruit sodas. And they are all still treats but I don't feel a bit deprived drinking my cups and cups of water every day.

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