Israel's Rich Vegetarian Traditions Hide in a Belltown Cafe

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I find it striking, and odd, that in the author's mind, Israeli cuisine is synonymous with Jewish cuisine. No mention of Arab influence, whatsoever.
Falafel and hummus aren't Israeli.
Jewish and Israeli aren't synonyms. That said, there is way too much cultural appropriation going on in Israel by people of European heritage.
@emo sop. Over half of Jews in Israel are Mizrahi. The foods from those traditions are prominent in Israeli cuisine. Attempting to whitewash Jewish Israelis in order to neatly classify them as Euro-Oppressors in your banal narrative is cultural denalism, cultural obliteration, and anti-semitic in its dismantling and obfuscation of Jewish history. Nice trolling though, Trumpkin.
Agreed. It also infuriates me when reviewers of Chicago deep-dish pizza don't delve into the Italian history of the dish in each and every review, but instead appropriate it as a local product -- as if Chicago and New York somehow invented pizza.

But that's not nearly as bad as companies like McDonald's, who neglect the German cultural heritage of hamburgers, and instead claim that it's an "American" food.

I could go on, but you might realize I was just trolling.
My hobby is cooking and researching food and traditions from cultures around the world. Although it's only a hobby I've found some of the most delicious things aren't American. Over the years I've learned so much and feel connected with so many people and lands I'll never have the opportunity to visit (and, as a tourist would never have access to, anyway). I don't consider that cultural appropriation, it has opened my mind and heart to so much I never would have discovered otherwise. You can bet I'll be trying this place, soon!