Radicchio salad with oranges, almonds, and anchovy dressing alongside a fresh dish of the day called Assiette de fruits de mer (Alaska spot prawns, San Juan island pink scallop, Hood Canal little neck clams, and Kennedy Creek South Puget Sound oysters). Suzi Pratt


Good lord, that "fresh seafood platter" looks incredibly good, world class. I'll take two of those and skip the salad,,,,though the salad looks good, too...as the city spreads and transforms and then spreads again...
For fans of self-parody, the wine list is a must-read. I do dearly hope it's at least somewhat intentional.

The space is very loud, in that echoey polished-cement-floor way that you'll find underneath all the other new cookie-cutter luxury condos in town. The decor... well, I certainly believe this story that it was designed in an airport.

The food is pretty good? Nice enough, pretty much what you'd expect for this tier of Seattle's food-o-tainment? Nothing stood out one way or the other.
It's not like I do much more than a shot in the dark picking from a serious wine list, so I might as well have fun with the gag wine list.

Aw, only the adductor muscle of the scallop.
Looks tasty
How to eat the seafood? What are those sauces? I don't quite get it. . . .
What's french about a plate with locally sourced seafood? No slicing, dicing, marinating, sauteing . . .I like the Japanese tradition, but can't quite grasp this culinarily? Hope you
will educate me. Cheers!
Hello "Stranger": In your article about L'Oursin, yoi failed to comment on the sauces that come with the seaffod plate. I wish to find out; also, the price, Thanks, Eileen
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