Food & Drink May 24, 2017 at 4:00 am

New Wallingford Restaurant Lacks a Raison D'être

HELLO SPACEBOY Thackeray’s most popular cocktail.


The name is woefully lacking in ampersands.
I tried it for a last-minute dinner, and it was meh. Their straight borrowings weren't as good as you'd find at the 'ethnic' restaurant. Their Signature Creations weren't even as good as that. Don't pay the white surcharge.
Thank you. I bought my home 4 years ago and 3 blocks away from an then unfinished Brooks building. When permit signs hinted that Heavy was bringing a restaurant at the corner space, across the street from Joule and Whale Wins, I had a mix of excitement (i too am a fan of Purple) and angst. Was Heavy coming to compete with the impressive row of Joule, Whale Wins, and Manolin? Or just feast off the wallets of the wave new high rent apartment dwellers? Well, your article just nailed it. Thank you for seeing through the veneer to see there is no substance behind the "vibe." Thackeray is so big I thinkHeavy was just smart enough to peel off people too impatient to wait for a table at Joule and provide trendy dine out capacity to a booming Stone Way. I will drop into Thackeray probably once in a blue moon to have a happy hour Big Gin with a friend simply because the sun may be coming through the north windows to the couch / floor pillow area better than available seating at neighboring restaurants and bars. But every time I walk in and out of there, I see the throng of young people racking up bills for I don't know what reason. It looks everyone is having fun socially, playing out the idea of eating at a good restaurant, But, at some point it has to hit them that the eclectic menu they just ordere from is not delivering compelling food to their table.

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