The Wine Shop Alternative: Gas Stations

Surprisingly Good Wines Can Be Found at Seattle Gas Stations


Fun piece, Charles
I love that "get people drunk and then give them the cheap booze" is in the Gospels and documentably thousands of years old.
Hey, on gas station mini marts, I'd like to give some respect to the one at the Montlake Bridge intersection, may it rest in peace. Nice people and you could pick up things you never expected, like a cheap perfect butternut squash. Some prices low, some prices exploiting stoners. I hope they got a decent buyout from the 520 project.
I love you Charles
"There is nothing like that in Cana, or Galilee, or the whole Roman Empire. If you run out of wine, you have to hope a prophet is around, because these are the days of miracles and wonders."

Ancient Rome absolutely had wine merchants. In larger cities you would have had a selection from around the empire. But hey why let Facts get in the way of a rambling story about where Charles's gets his breakfast bottle..
I do appreciate Porter's little nugget of a wine selection, and their surprisingly decent prices for such convenience. The people who work there are friendly & those poor fellows (and all are fellows) have to put up with a lot of crap from certain dregs that drift in from Rainier. Sadly, they recently felt obliged to station a security guard.

But I do wish that place was managed better. Lots of missing price tags & consistent holes in the frozen section. Food thawed and refrozen: I bought some ice cream there a few years ago, and it had been thawed and refrozen. So I decided to try again just a month ago. Same damn thing.

Avoid that cheap stuff on special as Charles says: most of it is turning.