School of Poke: A Survey of Seattle Joints Serving the Hawaiian Fish Favorite


For folks out in Ballard looking for Poke, you might want to give Hotel Albatross a try. They now have a Poke Bar in front, right when you walk in the door. I'm told it's quite tasty.
You mentioned Seattle Fish Guys but provided no information for them. For the curious, they're at 411 23rd Ave. S., just off Jackson. I have no connection to the place other than eating there when I can (yum!).
There is no way the world's fisheries can handle poke becoming a fast casual food for Americans.
I too am a Seattle Fish Guys fan, and crave their poke far more than is good for me. It's my favorite poke in the city.
Still can't get limu poke mainland it don't matter ;_;
Did you ask each place about their fish and supplier? Publicizing that would be a real public service.
I am still very concerned about cultural appropriation.
There's a new poké place on 11th Ave NE and 47th in the U District across from the Audi dealership and next to a new Chinese pastry shop called "Kiki". I just had it for lunch on Monday. It's very delicious and very good quality. I would recommend that we give the owner some business.
Lots of nice reasons for why there is so much poke in Seattle, but just this month I've seen fairly new new poke restaurants in Louisiana (Baton Rouge and New Orleans) and Berlin, German. Feels like a new food fad to me :/
Surprised they didn't mention the Poke contest in September:…
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