Thanks for ​this great article on the food scene! The Stranger should maybe do a special feature issue on Seattle's top mediocre restaurant dishes.
Is the fact there are cheap nachos at a bar supposed to be culinary news?
It's a real landmark. I wrote an entire novel there one spring and have loved it for more than two decades. And yes, their nachos have been satisfying and half price on Mondays for as long as I can remember.
I went to College Inn Pub fairly regularly when I came to Seattle in 1978 to take the bar exam, and have checked back in very sporadically since then - nice to hear it has remained the same for these forty years. Time go back! This article is not about the food...
Is that the same amount of Nachos that cost $8 at non happy hour times? That don't look like a lot for $4.As to the OP, You get out much? 1/2 price nachos are kinda a regular HH staple in places that serve them. Maybe this is exclusive to pubs, and not bars?
@5 No I rarely go out to eat. Tell me more about this mysterious happy hour phenomenon!?

@3/4 You guys get it :)
I miss the old Allegro bar that was in the same building above ground in the mid-2000s. It was the perfect complement to the College Inn. Have a few drinks at the Allegro bar then head down to the College Inn to finish the night. That was my weekend while in grad school, and the Allegro/College was also my first community in town when I moved to Seattle in 2005.

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