I've come to suspect that College Poverty meant something different to me than to most Stranger authors. I subsisted on a meal plan (thanks, ROTC!) and $50 per quarter - the money that was left over from night job as a sorority house boy. I remember one night, I decided I was going to "do it big" at a bar and I withdrew an entire $15. That was the most I spent in a single night during my entire (first) college career.
You sneaky bastard, luring us into reading a political post with a headline and picture of a delicious burger.
Last I heard they had taken the baked potatoes off the menu. Even though there's a big green neon sign in the bar that says BAKED POTATOES. Why? How hard is it to bake some potatoes? They cost like ten cents and they just put the same stuff on them as they do their nachos. It's not right. Deluxe baked potatoes are a tradition.
@3 There's still one as an appetizer. No more pick your fixings though.

@2 A little discussion of how society values its more vulnerable members never hurt anyone.

@1 If that's the kind of dick swinging contest you want to have, I'll pass. Being too poor to afford a burger out is just that: too poor. Societal failing, not badge of honor.
@4 what's this about your dick now?
Many years ago, when I lived on Harvard just north of Mercer (1-BR Apt. rent = $195), I was a semi-regular at the Deluxe. They had a gas fireplace surrounded by cedar shingles. One night I noticed the flames burning a bit brighter then normal, and then realized they were rapidly rising up the shingled cladding. Nobody had alerted staff yet, and when I did, our waitress calmly walked over and poured beer over the flames. Never realized beer was a potent fire extinguisher, but that night it was.
Love The Deluxe, many meals and may drinks over many years. And the one bad experience I had, I left a snarky message for "Management" and the friggin owner called me at home the next night and ..... apologized and ....said to come in with a friend for a free meal, which I did....and many great meals since,,,,
many drinkssss, urp
The old Seattle burger romance seduced me into reading another story about healthcare—and I didn't mind.

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