You seriously undermined your thesis and Jewish Street Cred with the “everything bagel,” Sydney. Feh!
@1 real jews know me in the streets, dr. zaius
Why on earth are people waiting in line for hours for bagels in Portland, OR? There are no bagels on the west coast. There are lots of things people call bagels. When I lived in NJ and then NYC my favorite was an everything bagel with whitefish, red onion, and tomato. Having lived on both coasts (I am from the east coast and have lived on the west coast for nearly a decade and will live out my life here, never returning to the east coast, due to physical disability and the horror show of flying in this country).

There are things you can only get on the east coast. There are things you can only get on the west coast. It is best to know this and accept it and not expect things like bagels and whitefish in Portland, OR. You will be a happier person. Trust me! Happy Friday to you.
I hear ya. Whitefish salad! Awesome!
HA, I thought I was reading Blogtown PDX, sorry for the mistake. Statement still stands. I lived in Seattle for 5 years and the first time I had what they called a bagel I was horrified. The first time I tried to buy a breakfast sandwich and it cost $7 (and that was in 2002) I realized the days of the breakfast sandwich and coffee combo for $3 of my NYC days was never going to happen. Noah's New York Bagels on Broadway was the worst offender (because they had NY in their name and served bread with a hole in it). Even Seattle Bagels down by Pike Place Market and their sign touting "we boil our bagels!" was really sad. I quickly learned to give up things I had loved in NYC and found things in Seattle that whenever I returned to the east coast to visit (I was not disabled then, though flying was still a horror show) I did not try to find there, as I knew they were not available to me. Know where you are and adjust accordingly. Good luck!
@I guess I’m going to have to ask to see your copy of “Call it Sleep” or at lest three well-worn Judy Bloom paperbacks as proof.
every time i visit family in NY, i get whitefish on a bagel, grab the local real estate listings, and wonder if we should just make the move.

that said, i find that a fresh blazin' bagels rye with whitefish is just good enough for me to eat without feeling sad.
Dad: You call yourself a deli! What kind of deli doesn't have Cel-Ray soda?
Me: Dad, Saigon Deli doesn't carry Dr. Brown's sodas, please just pick something else to drink. Sorry to everyone here, we're leaving now.

The only thing I miss about the Northeast (besides family and friends) is the food I grew up with, but I would never give up all that Seattle has to offer for good Gefilte fish and kreplach. We have access to the Pacific, we no longer have to eat garbage dredged up from the Neris River, ground up with matzo meal and served in gelatinous fish broth jelly - and I think we should embrace that.
Surprised no concern troll has criticized Sydney for using the word "goy," like they did when Goldy used the word "goyim."
How was the bagel?
Awesome-looking menu--vegan challah, rugelach, lox and caviar and tofu spreads! (I'll pretend I didn't see the word "bacon" there.) Definitely have to check out the place.

I do have to give a shout-out to Eltana Wood-Fired Bagel Cafe, which has a Capitol Hill location among others. Whenever some know-it-all who's tired of life complains, "There are no good bagels in Seattle," my response is, "Clearly, you haven't been to Eltana." Maybe soon I'll have to amend that statement and add Westman's.
@8 There is no such thing as "good gefilte fish." just sayin'
@12 Good is relative, no? Perfect execution on these fish mush balls in slime!
So, do we take it you suffered the single blow depriving you the memory of whitefish, or twin blows including the hopelessness of obtaining proper bagels in Seattle? I mean, you sound pretty unhappy about the whole thing, so I'm assuming the bagel was no good either.
@3 @5 -- I found it more hilarious to not correct your "mistake." There's no way to out-Portland Portland in micro-foodiness, but we're gonna try, gosh darnit!

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