Food & Drink Mar 14, 2018 at 4:00 am

It's his third neighborhood venture with business-partner-and-wife, Marjorie Chang Fuller.

Jennifer Richard


> Though a whopping $27, the bar's namesake "Supreme"

uh, have you ordered from pags or zeeks lately?
Having to fold pizza to eat it is annoying and it messes up the cheese and toppings.
"The Reaper" incorporates two types of peppers, including one of the world's hottest—the ghost chili."

That's an odd choice mentioning ghost pepper instead of the other chili, the Carolina Reaper, which is the (officially, for now) world's hottest, and what the pizza was clearly named after.
Would someone please remove the above comment? Oh, and $27 bucks is nothing for a large these days.
@2 Then don't fold it.
They are drinking shitty ass rainier in that pictures. #YUCK!

I don't.

When I lived in NYC people would actually become upset when they saw me eat unfolded pizza.

Like, angry.

I told them I can eat my food however I want and they go piss off but that rarely stopped them from continuing to demand I eat it according to their rules or whatever.

Very strange people there.

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