Yargin/Getty Images

A Bainbridge Island cafe has been ordered to stop selling CBD-infused lattes by local officals, reports the Kitsap Sun.

This is not the first time Brendan McGill, owner of Cafe Hitchcock, has been ordered to cease and desist. In April, Seattle and King County Public Health ordered McGill to stop serving CBD drinks at his Cafe Hitchcock location in downtown Seattle, so McGill took this CBD drinks to Bainbridge instead.

Alas, the island did not prove a refuge for McGill for long: Last Thursday, Kitsap Public Health District asked him to stop serving the drinks because, district environmental health director John Kiess said, CBD is not regulated or approved as a food additive by the FDA. Further, officials are worried that CBD may contain potentially harmful chemicals used during the process of growing and processing the plants.

For his part, McGill is calling BS. He told the paper that the CBD is from a farm in Oregon that tests their products thoroughly. He also added that other business like health stores and head shops sell CBD products without regulation or intervention from the county or state.

Cafe Hitchcock's special lattes included 10 milligrams of CBD extract, which, unlike THC, has no psychoactive properties; instead of drinking it and immediately wanting to a nap, the beverage apparently makes one feel both calm and clear-headed.

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, two dozen people were rushed to the hospital over the weekend after apparent negative reactions to synthetic marijuana. Clearly, they should have stuck with CBD drinks.