Don't buy into it, Christopher! It's Big Corporate's nasty way of dumbing us all down, fattening us all up, and turning us all into obese, subservient, voiceless sheeple---all for record profits. Boycott Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme while there is still time.


I like doughnuts but if I just agree to pay for one I wonder if I can skip the 40-minute line.


Only Fixie Frizzelle would need to keep spelling it “doughnut.” It’s ok to just type “donut.” You don’t need to keep up pretenses here, Chris.


@1: Okay then, go pout and gnaw on your kale smoothie and rice cakes while the rest of us enjoy a sweet indulgence.


@4 rocky raccoon: "Pout and gnaw"? LOL Um, no thanks. I'm neither into kale nor rice cakes, sweetie, just avoiding gluten, anything ending in "ose", and trying to watch my carb intake. But you can gnaw on all the donuts, smoothies, and Nutty Trumpy Nuke'em Blasts you want, ---provided you still have teeth. Don't forget to add sprinkles, sugarlips. Your dentist will thank you for contributing to the new Porsche.


@5: Well played Auntie - I can't come up with a rebuttal to that!

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