Homer Brings Bright, Wood-Fired Mediterranean Flavor to Beacon Hill



great name. south end is still hurting for quality mid/higher end, if not general food. we have a few solid spots, but compared to many other neighborhoods we are still swimming in a lot of mediocre food. OT - very much missing Kusina Filipina on beacon, that was so delicious and helpful for a quick tank up.


Doesn’t wood fired cooking contribute to global warming.....I mean climate change??

Save the earth! We are running out of time!!!!


@1 Bar del Corso, Oak, El Quetzal, Perihelion, Travelers, Carnitas Michocan. There, fixed it for 'ya. And, you don't even need to stray off Beacon Ave.


lol so gentrification is ok if the food chef is cool? Stranger likes to send mixed messages. Side note, use to get some the bomb crack rock two block from that strip, oh how times have changed