Thank you for this tribute to Rob and his beloved Monk. Both are true treasures of Capitol Hill, helping to make it the great place it is. Back when it was a store, I was on the telephone calling list for new releases; he'd have a tasting party for us regulars. When he transitioned to the bar, he had originally hoped for more fruit beers on tap, but found there was not yet a market. One of my most fun memories of his beer enthusiasm was one evening when I entered and asked him what new delights he had for us. He put his hand on an un-tapped keg and said proudly, "There are two kegs of this beer in North America right now."

"So, what are you waiting for, then?" I asked.

We didn't have to wait very long! Delicious!

Thanks again to Rob for running the Monk, and to Lester for this article.


Glad to see it's still there and the brotrification hasn't forced it out. I remember when it opened, pretty much next door.

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