I Fell in Love... with a Gluten-Free Bakery

Nuflours on Capitol Hill helped me feel normal again after giving up wheat.



Well that's it. My diet is completely blown.


Is anyone asking why people need gluten-free diets in the first place? This did not exist just a few years ago. Now,many people are gluten-intolerant. The only thing I have run into that makes sense is that the MMR vaccine introduces a protein into the gut which makes it more difficult for the body to get rid of commonly-occurring toxins, such as those naturally found in wheat.


The anti-vaxx crowd will always have the gluten-free crowd to take cover with.


PLACEBO EFFECT, coupled with social reinforcement from your paid "food genie."
You do not have an allergy or any adverse biological reaction to gluten.
You do not even know what gluten is, or what it does in the human GI tract.
Are you also still terrified of MSG?
Afraid to bake with olive oil?
Any other wives tales that keep your sanity safe?


Nuflours really IS SO GOOD - gluten-free or not. As for all you gluten-free haters, if people feel better when they eliminate something from their diet and then crappy when it's reintroduced you don't need clinical research to make a sane decision. Just sayin' :)


Gluten does not equate to measles. Full stop.