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...And where you can find them.

Happy Little Clouds by Cloudburst Brewing. Lester Black



That's a solid list, Lester! Good work.

There is one beer that I would add (perhaps to replace the Pike Stout, which is not particularly interesting especially with B-Bomb on the roster).

Reuben's Roggenbier. One of the most complex flavors I've ever experienced in any beer anywhere. But, they don't have it available very often anymore. So you could go with their Gose for an always-available super good intro beer.


The State of Washington has to ensure high quality weed if we are going outside remain competitive on the national market. The seal of the state has to mean something, and we should be as willing to guarantee the quality of our buds as the Germans are to protect the quality of their beer.

Therefore, someone has to sample all that weed to judge whether it is worthy of the seal of our state.

Lester Black should be this judge. The state shall provide to him a couch, video games and music as well as the buds, in exchange for his written assessment of every sample he smokes from. Oh, and munchies, of course.


6 beers, especially high ABV beers such as these, will make a person quite intoxicated. Is that your recommendation, Lester? Should we also be doing this via scooter transportation to the source of each of these beers? Just let me know what to do, i am putting my well-being in your hands.


I'm sure you all remember the old Fremont Taveran which was next door to the Buckaroo, but their 6 beers that everyone should drink was, Rainier, Rainier, Rainer and Rainier. They only had four taps.


@3: Jackass. Yeah, the B-Bomb is big, but the Pike and Georgetown barely break 7%, Happy Little Clouds is just 5, and the other two are under 4. Read the f'ing article, dummy.


You left off Racer 5


Honest Washington beer question to readers: What is the crowning, most excellent, most proud it's from Washington beer? The one beer people line up/lose their shit/pay way too much for a sixer of across state lines beer? What is your Pliny the Elder or Heady Topper?

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