Seattle's Best Movie-Theater Popcorn

We've been debating it in The Stranger's office.



The trick at Cinerama is to order a buttered popcorn and ask them to put one single handful of chocolate popcorn on the top. Any more than that is way too much chocolate. I agree with Charles 100%


Chocolate popcorn is an abomination, and sometimes I can't even deal with the Cinerama because of the smell.
I'm also shocked that nobody so much as mentioned the popcorn at the Grand Illusion or Northwest Film Forum (NWFF has always had good popcorn, but the recent upgrade to their popper has made it even better). Someone mentioned nutritional yeast which is only sometimes available at the Egyptian. It's always available, with a great variety of other toppings, at the other two theaters.
Grand Illusion's is my personal favorite: "Grand Illusion's popcorn is always fresh!"


It's the best, the chocolate popcorn, goes very well with the cider.

If you're sitting next to someone who doesn't like it, make sure you add butter to it, for that extra butter chocolate aroma that's sure to tickle their nose hairs!


+1 to the Grand Illusion.

AND... If you aren't adding Raisinettes, you are doing it wrong.


@4: Raisinettes, indeed raisins in any form; withered husks of their former plump, juicy selves - are an abomination. Goobers, OTOH...

And chocolate popcorn is right up there with ambrosia, mead, and other foods of the gods.


Agree with Charles. Chocolate popcorn is an abomination to not only snacks but to cinema.

As a former Seattle movie theater employee, I can tell you the recipe for the best movie popcorn is 1 pump of coconut oil, a smidge more Flavacol than the instructions recommend, salt, and a few pumps of butter to top it off. You may desire more, but nothing more is needed.


A debate that doesn't include the Ark Lodge popcorn is fooling itself.


Both chocolate and popcorn were staples in the Aztec diet. It's sort of ridiculous to assume no one ever combined the two before Cinerama when they've both been around for at least 7000 years.


I've stopped visiting Cinerama because of the smell. I love chocolate, but that smell is awful. It's a shame, as I like Cinerama in general. Tough to even walk by these days.


A mixed bag of popcorn at Cinerama and a glass of the red blend beats any food/drink movie combo in the city. I mean, if you like chocolate, wine, and great theaters, as all good-hearted people do.


The mixed bag at Cinerama is the best! You don't even need to be seeing a movie to buy it either. They will let you in just to buy popcorn if you ask.


"So much ingenuity went into it. People sat around, thought it up, put it together, tested it, sold it. They could have been looking for a planet or something."

Does Mudede believe that there's a finite pool of ingenuity in the world we all share, that these snack designers were somehow thieving from? I hope he was just indulging in some fist-shaking at kids these days.


@12, yeah that’s an incredibly reductive bit of “reasoning” there


Charles is wrong about so much.