Food & Drink Aug 29, 2022 at 1:01 pm

For Almost Two Decades, the Wayward Set the Bar for Vegan Takes on Diner Classics

Seattle’s only all-vegan, all-day breakfast destination for plant-based takes on American classics. Wayward Vegan Café



Great writeup. Nice to see such a storied dining institution getting such a fond farewell. Love the history lesson in there too.

Hopefully, somebody will pick up the baton and revive Wayward. I'd love to know what they're looking to sell the restaurant space for.


RIP. And blessed be the shout-out to The Globe. I miss that place, too.


A well told story. May this piece of Seattle history continue.


Thank you for the fabulous article! They truly deserve a special send-off. 💜🧡💚


It is a supreme irony that the humble, radical, kind compassion represented by Wayward's vegan fare has fallen victim to COVID-19, a zoonotic disease that is the result of human's disrespect and exploitation of our wild animal cousins and nature.

May their spirit of animal liberation continue, and may the founders of this remarkable institution thrive in whatever they next pursue.


It's a motherhumpin' shame

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