Food & Drink Dec 8, 2022 at 12:54 pm

Seattle-Based ARISTA Catering Bought the Business and Says a Soft Opening Is “Coming Soon”

Seattle is undying. Wayward Vegan Cafe



What did I miss? This was a fixture of the Roosevelt district, not University, for years!


Wayward is in Roosevelt, not the UDistrict. (It’s at 65th/8th two blocks from the Roosevelt light rail station).


Yes, the current location is definitely Roosevelt, although it did spend years in the U. District when on the Ave.


This is my dream! And it has come true! Between this and the "not as bad as expected" midterms, apparently 2022 doesn't completely suck.

Now I just need to see the resurrection of:
No Bones Beach Club
Wedgwood II Vegetarian Thai
Galaxy Rune


@4 I didn't know about Galaxy Rune closing, sad day. Resurrection seconded.

Congrats to Wayward and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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