Food & Drink Dec 15, 2022 at 2:45 pm

Westlake Center’s Colorful New ASEAN StrEAT Food Hall Is Packed with Fantastic Southeast Asian Street Eats!

The main dining space. Love the ceiling crates. Meg van Huygen



Really really good food writing! First thing I have actually liked in The Stranger in a very long time. Thank you. You have brightened my day and given me a tiny shred of hope somehow.


Well, that all looks delicious! I was an Amazon customer service rep - when Seattle still had those, in the late 90s (Bezos fired the department in the early aughts, officially to cut costs, and unofficially because some of us were trying to unionize) - and the only Asian food I remember there was this fast food Indian place, which (how to put it?) looked well enough like Indian food, but tasted like the college cafeteria version of Indian food.

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