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Employees Claim Financial Troubles Tanked the Place

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I always look forward to Meg van Huygen's stories about the Seattle dining scene. More of these stories please, even these sad and puzzling ones.

The thing I don't quite get is this. If the business was not viable after a year of being enormously popular, how was it any less viable than when it opened after "(acquiring) the space in 2018 for $2.4 million, but it took them three years and change to even open the Wand's doors, dogged by construction- and COVID-related setbacks"?

Well, I suppose the more telling tidbits are the "loss of funding" and the owners' falling out, although when the one former employee says this, “The restaurant was never profitable regardless of how busy/booked out we were." This raises the question, wouldn't it have been profitable if not for factoring in the enormous upfront cost? A big "what if" there.


We had reservation there for Tuesday, 8:30PM and when we came - it was already closed with nobody answering the phone.


Sounds like a very sad, sad story.

A couple invest millions, do construction in small achievement, in a historical district no less, manage to navigate the Covid, come out the other side, struggling to survive ...they mess up and try to operate a restaurant in crime riddled, homeless Seattle.

It goes badly... they burn out, lose money.... and close.... as have a great many restaurants as of late in Ballard.

It seems as if the author is kind of gloating over their demise... disguised as a some sort of story about worker's not getting paid...which hasn't happened because the owner's .... will be charged with felony wage theft if they don't pay.

Welcome to being a restaurant owner in Seattle.

There are 30% fewer restaurants now than in 2020 and very few new ones opening. That translates into fewer and fewer min wages jobs ... 2000 hours @ 18.69/hour = $37,380 starting wage for a full time unskilled worker.

The people's republic of Seattle and worker's paradise is manifest!


Please do more articles Meg! Sad to see them close down.


I honestly didn't think anyone paid attention to Reddit comments.


@3: what was the main reason it closed?

was it a. the homeless or b. the crime-riddling?


This post was disappointing. There is little insight or new info, and no research or effort into the backstory of the owners. For ex, did they have any experience running a restaurant? Did they get PPP loans? When is the bankruptucy sale for all the wizard kitsch?

You should have just linked to the Reddit comments and left it at that.

Also, never start a business with a partner, especially a relative, unless there is an iron-clad termination/separation agreement. Eliminates the back-stabbing when the times get tough.

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