Food & Drink Jan 30, 2024 at 12:13 pm

Honestly, 2 am is the Best Time to Eat a 12-egg Omelette

2 am sausage coming soon! Meg van Huygen



You mean the Dawghouse


@1 Dog House, actually, but yes, that's what she means.


I mean the Hurricane, because I wasn't born in 1954. Dog House was a different flavor.


Awesome news - can’t wait to have a local spot for late nights again (even if it’s just Fri and Sat to start - something is far better than nothing).

Best of luck to the new owners!


I would cry tears of joy and happiness if there was a way to bring back the Dog House but honestly I just don't know how it would be the same in a different building. Same with Charlie's on Broadway!

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