Here comes Pizza Week!

More than a dozen Seattle-area restaurants are participating in The Stranger's Pizza Week from April 15-21. We've got spots from Northgate to Kirkland to Burien and everywhere in between all slinging slices for just $4 and whole specialty pies for $25!

To name a few: 32 Bar & Grill is offering a lobster pizza, Big Mario's has the OG Ranch (with both ranch and buffalo sauce!), Kobo's serving up a Yuzu Smoked Salmon pie, and Stevie's Famous is slinging slices of CHEESE! with a naturally leavened sourdough crust. Yum!

You can find the full list of participating restaurants, high-quality quality photos, and detailed descriptions of all the delicious offerings right here. We also drew up a pizza treasure map to help you find your way to gustatory happiness. When you discover one or two or three that you like, don't keep your bliss all bottled up! Tell your friends and foes on social media using the hashtag #strangerpizzaweek. 

Remember, our participating pizza places will be trying their best to deliver great slices and pies while KEEPING YOU AND THEIR EMPLOYEES SAFE & SANE. Please be patient, tip well, and follow their wise advice!

Before digging in, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Everyone loves pizza! Some locations will be busy, and other locations might sell out of their sought-after slices. Life's too short to be frustrated! Simply visit another Pizza Week location, or come back the next day. You’ll still be able to get that delicious pizza inside your mouth!
  • Check the hours and fine print of each Pizza Week location before visiting! To avoid any disappointment or misunderstanding, be sure to check all the details (right here) of your Pizza Week restaurant visit BEFORE dropping in. Some places might not have the pizza available during all business hours and others may have limits on how many slices and/or whole pizzas you can order. So read carefully! You'll be glad—not sad or mad!
  • Tip, and tip well! Pizza Week takes a ton of work—so show your appreciation to the chefs and waitstaff who make this event such a wondrous treat for your tummy.
  • Don’t forget sides and drinks! These pizza joints are giving you a smokin' deal with these inexpensive slices and pies. And these same businesses need your support in these tough economic times. Help them out by snapping up the scrumptious sides and drinks available at all Pizza Week locations!

As always, thank you for enjoying and partaking in The Stranger's food weeks. Most of all, thank you for supporting small, local businesses—especially those who may not get the attention they deserve! YOU'RE THE BEST.

And to help you build that appetite for all those slices be sure to check out our friends at Dockside Cannabis!