Burger lovers, your time has come. Again! 

The Stranger's Burger Week is back and we've partnered with Jack Daniels to make this year's week o' burgs bigger than ever before.

From June 10 through June 16, you'll find original, specialty burgers at 17 burger joints across town for just $12. You can't even get a measly turkey sandwich for that kind of cash any more!!!

You can find the full list of participating restaurants, high-quality photos, and detailed descriptions of all the big, beautiful, beefy burgers right here. Taku is coming in hot with the Karaage Heat, a fat, crispy piece of Japanese fried chicken, Shota's secret sauce, nori cilantro coleslaw, and Japanese tartar sauce stacked between a toasted potato roll. Loretta's Northwesterner, who serves one of our favorite burgers in the city, is offering up the San Antonio Bean Burger, a chuck patty with pico de gallo, refried beans, cheddar cheese, and FRITOS! Motherfucking FRITOS! 

There are options for you, too, vegans and vegetarians! Sunlight Cafe's Vegan Tofu Burger is slathered with garlic ginger sauce and chipotle aioli and Veggie Grill's Steakhouse Burger is made with the plant-based Beyond Burger patty. 

The Stranger also drew up a burger treasure map to help you find your way to gustatory happiness. When you discover one or two or three that you like, don't keep your bliss all bottled up! Tell your friends and foes on social media using the hashtag #seattleburgerweek. 

As always, thank you for enjoying and partaking in The Stranger's food weeks. And most of all, thank you for supporting small, local businesses. YOU'RE THE BEST.