Bar Exam

What's In a Name


I hope this means the hotel chain will soon be receiving a C&D from Brown & Williamson, the tobacco conglomerate that's been manufacturing Viceroy Cigarettes for some 70-odd years.

Heck, I'll bet they have even deeper pockets!
The Rob Roy, is a great bar. Free goldfish crackers, and tasty cocktails.
@COMTE, I know, it's insane. There must be one billion things named Viceroy worldwide. Bullies!
Some of the Belltown residents should steal Emily Post's 'On Etiquette', which is sitting happily and patiently at the end of the bar.

Oh, the bartender chicks are H-O-T, HOT. Hot. Hubba hubba.
The bartender chicks are also B-I-T-C-H-Y. Bitchy. Ugh.
I expect most bartender chicks would eventually get bitchy, since they have to be nice to amorous drunks in order to get paid.
In case you haven't figured this out yet: it's not OK to hit on people whose job is to be nice to you, while they are at work.
That's almost as ridiculous as Monster Cable (makers of absurdly overpriced A/V cables) suing just about any other company using the word Monster in their name, including a mini-golf course in Rancho Cordova, CA. How you can claim copyright over a word that's in the dictionary is beyond me.
@ Lame: Whaaaaaat? You are talking abotu my FAVORITE Bar and FAVORITE bartenders. Presumably you were a bitchy customer