Bar Exam

Chicken and Waffles


Chicken and waffles is a great combo, but so's chicken and spaghetti. Add hot sauce on the chicken. Yes, both are Southern concoctions and much loved.

Try the maple syrup as a dip for the fried chicken. You'll love it.

But $11 for comfort food that costs $5 back home? Hmmm...chicken is chicken, right? And so's waffle batter.

Why is the trendy-tax added on?
Born and raised in Detroit, the legend in Motown was that the performers working late would ask for dinner, but as the sun rose only breakfast was being served, so the left-over fried chicken was added as a favor. The Harlem account predates Motown Records but that's the deal. Kelly-O, have you heard of this?
the harlem account is the correct version. it migrated down south after that, and then 80 years later it hits CH bone-free and easily palatable--although not quite at the steep price point. I'll stick with sushi if I am going to pay that much--but I'll drink some beer on the porch!
And another reason why Roscoe's is better:…
Thank you all the folks who pay and eat there and places like this who think it is the greatest newest thing in CH. You make it possibler for me to go and hang out and chill and not consume the massive amounts of junk food. I bless thee.
Gumbo is great. Thank you for that, Captain Blacks.